Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feel the Joy

I used the SCS color challenge to get me going today. I wasn't loving it when I read the combo: Riding Hood Red, Kraft and Summer Sun. Turns out it is a FABULOUS, bright, cheerful combo!!! What do you think?

Not sure what is up with the baby lately, but this is the third day in a row of him cutting his nap, which is normally 90 minutes, down to less than an hour. Today it was 44 minutes. He is up there fussing right now, not really crying hard, but I haven't gone to get him yet because I'm really hoping he'll go back to sleep!! Anyone every experience this before? What could be causing him to wake up early? It is so frustrating! First I went from having two 90 minute naps a day to myself . . . so I was napping sometimes, working out, showering, doing dishes, stamping, computing . . . down to only one 90 minute nap, and now I'm getting less than an hour!!! Oh man!!! Regardless, here he is as cute as ever:

He is loving climbing on things and getting up into all the chairs and couches by himself. Super cute and learning like crazy!!! Yesterday I started counting, said "one" and then he suprised me by saying "two"!!

Have a great day, and

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Katie Renz said...

Ooohhh Jessica, I feel your pain with the baby. Now, mine are 3 but still cutting out those naps is/was a huge transition. Boo hoo for me :)

Your card is cute too, color challenges are just plain hard for me sometimes.