Sunday, April 13, 2008

Want Some Markers?

Join my Many Marvelous Markers Club!

The Many Marvelous Markers set is a set of 48 Stampin' Write markers in a carrying case. The Markers are absolutely one of my favorite Stampin' Up! products. They are wonderful for coloring in images, writing on the insides of your cards, all kinds of fun techniques! They are dual tipped (a brush tip and a writing tip.) Amazingly enough, you can actually use your markers INSTEAD of an inkpad for many different techniques. So If I'm not sure what colores I will need when I'm stamping "on the go," I just take my markers with me instead of my ink pads, and I have ALL the colors! What is so awesome about our markers is that they come in our 48 exclusive colors, so they match EVERYTHING!

Individually, the Stampin' Write markers cost $3.25. By color family, twelve markers are $31.95. The best deal of all is to buy all 48 colors in the carrying case for $125.95. This is not only the best deal, but also all of your markers will be in one place and easy to carry!

Now, I know that $125.95 is an awful lot of money all at once. So I'd like to introduce you to the idea of the Marker Club! You will purchase one color family of markers and coordinating pack of cardstock each month for four months. BUT, in the fourth month, you will receive not just the markers and cardstock, but ALSO the carrying case, an assorted package of the neutral cardstock, a bonus of four neutral markers (Basic Black, Sahara Sand, Going Gray and Basic Gray), PLUS a level 1 hostess set of your choice. You will get all of this for just 4 monthly payments of $46.95. (This already includes shipping and taxes)

This is such an amazing deal! If you were to purchase the markers one at a time, or even color family at a time, it would cost you $156, before S&H and taxes. WITH S&H and taxes, it would cost you about $183. So, for about the same price, spread over four months, you will not only be getting all 48 markers, but also 4 additional markers, 5 assorted packages of cardstock, and a level 1 hostess set! What a remarkable deal!

To make this cool club work we need 4 participants. Each participant needs to let me know his or her choice of the level 1 hostess set at the beginning of the club. As soon as the club is filled I'll send out an e-mail invoice and once I have everyone's payment I will place the order. The family of markers and coordinating card stock will be available for pick-up or delivery by the end of the month. The last month of the club everyone will receive their carrying case, hostess set, neutrals card stock and neutrals markers in addition to their last color family of markers and coordinating card stock. Monthly installments will be mailed to long-distance club members via priority mail.

All club payments will be due on the first day of each month. You can pay cash, check or via Paypal to Sorry -- this offer is limited to members with U.S. billing and shipping addresses.

So come on, you know you want these and there's no better way to get everything you want without breaking your monthly budget! Contact me to join the marker club today!

Jessica Russell

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