Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I SAID I'd be better about posting, but WOW, being home from vacation is exhausting! Or is it having a baby who crawls that is exhausting? Or maybe a baby who won't go to sleep? Or it could be unpacking and cleaning? Or grocery shopping? I know, maybe it is watching a friend's dog while she's on vacation, and dealing with the fleas the dog has brought inside? Grrr.... I really have NO idea why I haven't had time to stamp or post. :-)

I am currently waiting for the pet supply store to open so I can go buy Frontline for both my friend's dog and my cat. I also have to buy tons of vacuum bags so I can vacuum multiple times a day and trash the flea bags. So, watching my friend's dog to save her money by not boarding the dog, is only going to cost ME $100 or so.... Grrrr!!! I'm so freaked out about having fleas in the house with the baby crawling around. It just gives me the creeps. ooooh...

Hmmm.... stamping. I hope that I will find time to do some either today or tomorrow. Until then, please enjoy this:

I enjoy the tall cards now and then. This was a stamp camp project that a friend of mine designed with Eat Cake. Fun! I always love the pink and brown together!

Look what I found in my fortune cookie! Thank goodness! I needed this fortune today. (hee-hee.) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

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