Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Good morning. Happy Father's Day! (Although I doubt too many fathers are reading this--HI JIM!! :-) This is the first Father's Day in our little family that we aren't just celebrating our OWN fathers, but celebrating my dh, father of our sweet little boy. We just put him down for a nap, but before that he was sitting on the floor with dh laying next to him, and he was patting his daddy on the face and giving him slobbery "kisses". Ahhh... heaven! I can finally show you the Father's Day card I made for my hubby. It is using some more beautiful Artful Inkables stamps. The dragon card earlier this week was from Artful Inkables.

This is a completely different style--silhouette, and I LOVE it! It is so classy, and the sentiment is just perfect. It is probably to small for you to see, but it says "Anyone can be a father. But it takes someone special to be a dad." Don't you just love the silhouette of the dad and his son? I clear embossed it on So Saffron, and it turned out so soft and lovely!

I can't remember if I already showed you the card I made for MY dad, so I will do that now. If it is a repeat, sorry!

This one uses Verve Visual stamps. Of course, if you like either card I made, I have the links for the online stores for the two stamp companies off to the left. At the bottom of this card, I am not sure if you can see, but I made a reverse scallop on the Chocolate Chip cardstock, using my SU! ticket corner punch without the guard on. I thought it was a nice variation on the usual scallop!

If the baby wakes up in time, we're headed to church! Then dh gets to pick a place for Father's Day lunch. I'm sure there will be lines everywhere, so hopefully the little one will be good as gold like he usually is! A side note: he was fabulous yesterday when we left him with his Auntie while we went to a wedding. They had a lovely time. (And mommy only called home once to check on him. Okay, twice if you count the time I called to say we were on our way home! :-)

Have a great day, and ..... you guessed it! Happy Stamping!


Karen said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I thought I would come check out your stuff and HOLY COW YOU ROCK! LOL

I love your style and will be stalking you for sure!



Pam's Pride said...

Awesome blue Father's Day card!!

Jim C. Hines said...

That's a great card. And slobbery kisses sound like a wonderful way to celebrate father's day :-)

SeaStar Creations said...

both cards are great :) ths! i love the silhoutette! that is a beautiful stamp. Thanks for including the company's website.

Rhonda L said...

Both cards are great! I love the ribbon tabs on the second one. Love the silhouette stamp on the first. Thanks for sharing!