Monday, June 2, 2008

Simple Pleasures and the NERVE of Some People!!!!

I suppose I should pull out my SU! stamps and do something . . . I bet they are feeling neglected. But I am having SO much fun with my Unity stamps. They are so fresh and new, and have totally re-engergized me! It is so much fun to be stamping with such BIG images, for the most part. I'll share a simple card I made today. I have other things to share, but I'll wait until tomorrow, to spread out the pretty! :-)

Sometimes simple is all you need! I like how this one turned out.. somehow the Unity stamps are so addictive! I just want to eat them up!

Off the topic of stamping--I had something happen today that bothers me more than it probably should have. I was at Target, and the cashier was commenting how cute the baby was. He was flirting with her, of course. The lady that checked out in front of us turned around and said, "He sure is fat, though. I wouldn't want to carry him around. How much does he weigh?" For Pete's sake, he's seven months old! What on earth would make someone think it is okay to say that to ANY mother, let alone a perfect stranger?!!! I was so flabbergasted, I just told her how much he weighed. Of course, then I fumed all the way to the car, thinking of things I SHOULD have said, like "Well, I guess it's a good thing YOU don't get to carry him, then, and I do." or "Thanks so much for the compliment. It means so much to me." or even just "how rude!" I never think of the right thing to say. Some people! I know I shouldn't let it bother me. Actually, pretty much every time I go anywhere with him, someone says something, but it is usually a little more hiddden, like "boy, he sure is healthy!" or "what a big boy!" or "he doesn't look like he misses many meals." Okay, so he weighs 20 pounds, but it is only the 90th percentile, and for awhile there he was actually off the charts! I don't force feed him. He's not walking yet. I mean, come on, lady!

Ok, maybe I can shake it off and relax now... thanks for letting me vent! Good night!

Stamps: Unity--Simple Pleasures and Whimsical Birthday
Cardstock: Groovy Guava, Basic Black, Watercolor Paper
Ink: Staz-on Black, Groovy Guava
Accessories: Aquapainter


Jim C. Hines said...

That would have pissed me off too. He's healthy, he's happy, so what's the problem, lady? I know we've got a culture that obsesses about weight-loss, but do we really need to try to turn babies anorexic? What next, "Baby's First Jenny Craig"?

Done ranting now. I'm sorry you had to deal with this woman's rudeness.

Mandy said...

Sheesh! That is so not nice! Especially because he is a BABY! And he looks healthy and happy. (Really!) Babies are all different and they grow at different rates. One is not necessarily better than the other, ya know? I have two children (ages 2 yrs. and 5 months). My younger child is a little chub, so we hear it, too. I know that's no fun to hear. I don't know why people don't think! ;) Your baby is just beautiful, by the way!!

Jessica said...

I can't believe that lady said that to you! I would have been upset also... some people just don't think!

Lisa H. said...

yes, people have some nerve. Don't sweat it (I know our natural instinct is to protect our little ones). Next time just calmly and kindly reply, "yes, he is a healthy baby and very happy!" Although I love your come back of "good thing you don't have to carry him."

Up All Night Stamper said...

Love your stuff, girlie!

As far as the nasty hag I would have said "Yeah, they just don't taste as good if you don't fatten up 'em first" and then after the look of horror hit her face I'd lean over and nibbled on my little guy's ear or cheek.

People used to say to me "Oh, he's so CUTE! Aren't you afraid someone will steal him?" Well, I am NOW, psycho!

Enjoy your little bug and ignore the jealous people, cuz you know that's what they are........

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Jessica, if you ever need someone to vent to about this topic, give me a pm or shout. I'll have to send you pics of my first born! lol! He was fondly known as the Michelin Baby in our playgroup... HUGE rolls everywhere... off the charts and all. It hurt a lot and I fumed for days thinking of smart come backs for the next time someone would say something like that to me or non-directly towards my child. Your baby looks great! Doesn't even look like he weighs anything like you say he does... certainly a cutie patootie!

They almost always lean out as they go through their growth spurts and start cruising, walking, and running. Oh, boy! Once these little ones start, there's no stopping 'em! Running, climbing, jumping... it's so much fun trying to keep up with them!

It's a very good thing he is so healthy and happy, Jessica! He's doing great! You're doing great! Hang in there, okay? ((hugs)) Jane

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