Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bathtime, Rainbows and Vampires

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! (unless you are reading this late Thursday night, then Happy Thursday!) :-)

On the home front: baby likes his bath again! Wahoo! See?

On the stamping front: I have no place to work because my table is a mess, and I don't feel like cleaning it. How sad is that? I did manage to shove a few things aside to make this tonight for the Dirty Dozen/Fan Club central theme challenge (rainbow):

How many of you are reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer? I NEVER thought I would enjoy a book about vampires, but as my friend Bryn told me, it isn't *really* about vampires, it is a love story. I am not very patiently waiting for book 3 to come in for me at the library. Hurry, book!!!! I'm looking forward to the movie at Thanksgiving!!!

Love you all! Really, I do!


Stephanie said...

cute baby.... Oh and nice card!

Ashley said...

CUTE picture! And I love the card. And more so, you know I love Edward! HURRY UP LIBRARY!!!

Tracy said...

Great card! I may have to pick up those books. Everyone is raving about them!

Amanda Sewell said...

I so totally relate to how you feel about not wanting to clean your stamp table. In fact, mine was so bad last time that I have resolved to put away stuff after each project is completed so it never gets like that again.

In regards to Twilight -- I liked it, but it was not my fave book ever and I don't get the obsession! Hmmmm . . .