Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday Snow

Happy Saturday, friends!

No baby pic today, sorry Aunt Chris! :-) I'll try to remember to take one tomorrow. He had a really good day today. He is having a blast eating "real" food--chicken, peas, pasta, beans, cantaloupe, all sorts of fun stuff! He is also learning to KISS, which is really cute. Today he was sitting in the middle of a bunch of books, looking at them, and babbling like crazy--it was like he was reading them! I think he understands the word and sign for book, because whenever I say/do that, he goes looking for a book! So smart! :-) Not that I am biased or anything!

Here is one of a few cards I made tonight. I will save the rest for future posts. I love monochromatic, and I was just thinking how this chunky glitter made me think of snow. That's how this card was born. :-)

I am looking forward to the first snow, although I know it is WAY too early. Ah, well. Hey, have a great weekend!


Tiffany Johnson said...

Your card is so cool....yeah, not funny, i know!

I love the color you chose and the addition of the microbeads/glitter!

Dawn said...

Love this card! so simple and crisp... the bling on the edges is perfect! this REALLY caught my eye... great job