Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where's Jessica?

Hi friends!
Thanks for wondering where I am...
I'm sorry I haven't posted! You KNOW how the holidays can be! We've been so busy here, I haven't really made time to stamp. Without projects to share, blogging has slipped my mind. I have a couple of things I COULD show you, but since they are gifts, I need to wait until after Christmas, so no one sees them ahead of time. We are headed to Michigan to visit our families for the next couple of weeks. PLEASE come back and visit me in the new year! I will be posting regularly again then!!! I am not sure what if anything I will be posting between now and then, though. I LOVE sharing things with you, and love reading your comments, so please don't forget about me!!
Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!!!


Jim C. Hines said...

E-mail or call me once you get to Michigan! I want to meet Isaac! (And to see you and J too, of course ;-)

Beanhead said...

Have a nice time in Michigan - I'll miss being there with you!