Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW wow wow!!!!! I love Unity Stamps!

Don't you just LOVE getting packages? Mr. UPS man came for me today, and left me a present! My new Unity Stamps!!!

So, I felt a little bit like I was cheating, or as JanTink said, committing Rubber Adultery... ha! But, I caved and bought a couple of Unity stamp kits and their neat-0 handles. What fun! You get the best of both worlds, the flexibility and space-saving of acrylics, but the comfort of your wood block to stamp with. LOVE them! I created two cards tonight, and I LOVE them! I hope you enjoy them too... For details, check my SCS gallery.

For the first card, I used the Giggle Grove stamp kit.

For the second card, I used Giggle Grove and Whimsical Birthday.

These cards were so much fun. I will share more with you tomorrow if I get a chance to stamp. The baby is teething, so he has been having trouble sleeping and napping. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Naptime is stamp time for me!

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Suzanne said...

HA! I love that rubber adultery....I know what you mean though. I feel so guilty when I find something I really love and it's not Stampin' Up. These cards are too cute!