Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday Fill-in on Saturday

Oops, forgot to do this yesterday...


1. My stomach is full of good leftovers.
2. Sweet potatoes is what I ate the most of on Thursday.
3. The yard is in terrible shape and will probably stay that way indefinitely.
4.With my family is where I'd rather be at any given time.
5. The smell of holiday candles reminds me of Christmas at my parents' house.
6. Lots of money is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping, tomorrow my plans include decorating the Christmas tree and Sunday, I want to sleep in, but I won't get to :-)!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing day with your friends and family. We are having our very own little family Thanksgiving here, with just the three of us. I'm making way too much food, and we will be eating leftovers all weekend! Yum!

As you may know, I've had the honor of serving as Limelight's 7th Six Chick (Guest Designer) for the month of November. It has been such fun! Today is my last official "job" as such... the sketch and product challenge.

While some of us are busy pouring gravy all over our turkey and mashed potatoes, I know there are an equal number of people out there who are pouring over the Black Friday sales ads! I can hear them shouting "Bring on the sales!". They must have been listening over at Limelight, because not only do they have some awesome sales scheduled for Black Friday, they also have a challenge focusing on all things black! How easy is that?! Anything black will do, although, I recommend the Black Magic cardstock, black licorice Pixee Stix glitter, or black fun flock! If you don't have anything from Limelight, go ahead and play along anyways! Here is the sketch:

  • Sketch and Product Challenge using black for Black Friday!
  • Uploads to SCS should have the keyword: LLPC009
  • Participants should post a comment and a link to their card on Mandy's blog, all entries must be submitted by Sunday, November 30th, at midnight for a chance to win a Limelight Papercrafts Gift Certificate.
Here is my take on the sketch... I turned it into a tall card, 3 x 6. I used SU! in colors, Tangerine and Kiwi, as well as black. I also used these adorable Thanksgiving images from Unity's Fall Festival that my friend Lisa sent to me (yes, there IS a Unity kit I do NOT own... :-) Thanks, Lisa, for sharing!! I hope you are enjoying some PIE today! :-) Finally, as some fun embellishment, I knotted a length of Raven Tulle from Limelight. Fun stuff!! I think I need some Copics (oh, but first I need to win the lottery, since that's pretty much the only way I'll ever be able to afford them!) because I really don't love the coloring job I did. I need to practice.

Make sure you check out the other talented design team gals' cards:

This next card does not fit the sketch, but I had to include it in honor of Black Friday tomorrow. Ever since I got the black Pixee Stix Glitter and black Tulle I have had some version of this card in my head. I knew I had to do a black and pink "shopping card" for Black Friday. I used the purse and sentiment from Unity's Shopaholic kit, as well as Distressed Dots background, which I stamped with Versamark, added heat and stick powder, and the black glitter!

Happy shopping tomorrow! Don't forget to shop at Limelight! Mandy arranged some AMAZING deals!! Straight from the Limelight blog:

Don't miss these great deals this are limited to the early birds (but we have plenty to go around)!
*Pebbles, Inc. RIBBON IRON packaged with TWO assorted RIBBON PACKS - $10
*Unity Stamp Company's LUKE 2:14 GLORIOUS ANGEL - $3.50
*Unity Stamp Company's DELECTABLE DELIGHTS stamp set - $4.50
*Odd Bird Planet's Snowman - $10 (This stamp is BIG!)
*Odd Bird Planet's Beau Christmas - $6 (assorted, facing left or right)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New pics!

No stamping today, but I wanted to share some cute baby pics. Come back tomorrow for some stamping! My post is already scheduled, since I'll be busy cooking!

Like his shirt? Sometimes we call him Charlie Brown, just for fun, so I had to get him this outfit for his birthday!

He's not going to let me dress him in dorky hats for very long, so I thought I'd take advantage of it while he's young...

Another one of my favorite outfits of his right now... my little cookie monster!

Daddy had an extra day off today... they really enjoyed the extra time together! :-)

I am so thankful for my beautiful family.

Come back tomorrow for a Limelight Sketch challenge and some cards!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fill-in

Just for the heck of it, because I stumbled across a cool "new to me" blog, and it is still Friday:

Friday Fill-ins:

1. The last band I saw live was Dixie Chicks.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is stuffing/dressing.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is not even started yet.
4. Thoughts of digital scrapbooking that I want to try fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear pencil skirts and high heels.
6. Bagpipes make me tear up.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with my dh, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the kitchen and Sunday, I want to enjoy Church!

Totally non stamping related, but I still haven't found my mojo! Has anyone seen it?

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday!

Did you Hip HOP! yesterday over at the Unity SCS forum? If so, you surely saw lots of amazing cards and projects from all of the fantastic Unity design team! One of the hip HOP! challenges was to make a snowflake card. Mine is below.

I am SO glad it it Friday. I have had a grumpy week. I think I have only stamped TWO things. Here they are:

This was supposed to be a shaker card, but I couldn't find my microbeads, so I ended up having to use glitter, which just sticks to the window. Then I couldn't decide what sentiment to use or where to put it, so I didn't use one. Then I got carried away adding bling. LOVE those Kaiser gems, but this is too many, even for a bling lover like me! Oh well. Maybe I will get my mojo back soon...

No wait, I guess I only stamped that card. This next one I did last week, for a workshop I had on Friday night. I think they liked making it!

The baby has become best buds with Ozzy the cat this week. Every day he lies down on the floor and cuddles with the cat, or uses him as a pillow, or grabs his tail (this is the one I'm worried about...)

He has also discovered some of my stamps that I am selling, and has been carting them around the living room.

This was from the day we did his one year/Christmas pictures, which is why he's so handsomely dressed! :-) Usually it is just sweats!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Child, Chai and a Card

Good evening, friends! I am finally getting a chance to post something today. Last night was not a good sleep night for my little one or me, so today was spent recovering. Tonight he was ready for bed by 6pm . . . he was wandering around the living room putting his cheek down on every surface: the couch, the chair, his boppy pillow, the cat. So, we decided to take him to bed! Hopefully he will sleep well tonight, because *I* can use the sleep! :-)

Before I show you a project, I want to share something non-stamping related. I have never been a big tea drinker. Until now. I am in love. His name is Stash Chai Green Tea. I met him at the Grocery Store on Friday, and I am not ashamed to admit that I have seen him EVERY day since then. I have enjoyed every second . . . the anticipation while he was heating up, the overwhelming desire I felt when I smelled his exotic scent, and the taste of every single luscious sip on my tongue, from first to last.

Isn't he gorgeous? And let me tell you, what a hunk! He is sooo sweet and spicy, and super delicious with a little added skim milk and Splenda (or for the sinful version: 2% milk and sugar.) Shhh... don't tell my husband. Although I did just tell him that he could fill my entire Christmas stocking with these teabags, and I'd be thrilled, so I think he might be suspicious.

I think I posted this project a while ago, and then promptly removed it when I remembered that I had sent it to my secret sister. Well, if she happens to read my blog (which I highly doubt), this is the month to reveal ourselves, so she'll figure out it is me when she sees this project:

This is not the exact version I sent to her, but very similar. It is a fun two pocket bag that I made just large enough to fit a card in each pocket. A great hostess gift! Do you want one? If you are in Central Ohio, have me do a workshop for you and your friends! :-) If you are not local, hostess a catalog workshop or place a $150 order with me, and I will make you one and send it to you!! :-) Nothing like a little bribery, huh?

I have to go finish my Green Chai Tea Affair, and watch Dancing With the Stars. Good night!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Really a Hip HOP Hangover...

I am feeling a bit "hungover," but not from Hip HOP! I was up all night with a sick baby. He wouldn't sleep because he couldn't breathe. So far today isn't much better . . .

I was in a Red/Kiwi/Kraft mood last night... Here are two Unity cards for you to enjoy. No time for details, because of the baby. More tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Limelight Sketch Challenge and Hip HOP!!!

Good morning! Hip HOP!!! Make sure you go PARTY at the SCS Unity forum today any time after 11am EST!!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week! It is time for a sketch challenge from Limelight!!! Here is the sketch:

Amazingly, I did not use ANY stamps on this cards. I had this beautiful Christmas Magic Paper and Punch Out Tablet and since I am not a scrapbooker, I had to try using the awesome punch-outs on a card! I like it! My favorite thing from Limelight is the Kaisercraft Pearls--I used the tiny ones on this card, in blush color. Mandy has them on sale this week--50 blush pearls for only $1.35--what a deal!!!

Want to play? You could win a Unity single stamp and package of Kaisercraft rhinestones of your choice! The sketch challenge this week gives you lots of room to use any and every product from Limelight that you just couldn't live without! If you don't have anything from Limelight, feel free to use what you do have! Feel free to interpret the challenge in any way you want. Want to scrap a page of your favorite family moments? Go for it! Want to be-dazzle a card with all your favorite embellishments? We can't wait to see it! Just jump in and get crafting!
  • Sketch and Product Challenge with a focus on your favorite Limelight products!
  • Uploads to SCS should have the keyword: LLPC008
  • Participants should post a comment and a link to their card on Mandy's blog, all entries must be submitted by Sunday, November 16th, at midnight.
Make sure you check out the Six Chicks' sketch cards:


Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Wacky Wednesday

I cannot believe how fast the last week went! Or that November is almost half over already. Time is going by WAY too fast.

Today's Wednesday Unity Challenge was to make a kid's card with primary colors. I usually steer VERY far from primary colors, for some reason. They don't appeal to me at all (together), but I like them individually. Like RED--one of my favorite colors, paired with brown, or as clothing with blue jeans! Even so, I actually like how this card turned out.

I used a small circle punch to make the waves at the bottom of the card. One layer of waves is behind the whale, and the other is in front. I don't think you can see it, but there is crystal effects on the whale's spout droplets!

Make sure you check out the other Unity girls' cards! The links are on the right.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby's Birthday Party and "Hangover"

For those of you who are waiting to see birthday pictures, here you go! Here he is proudly dragging around his balloons.

Here is is during the chocolate birthday cake:

Here is is AFTER the chocolate cake:

He really didn't eat that much of it, just made a mess with it! It was all I could ask for! :-)

Wow. Who knew a one year birthday party could take so much out of a person? Both baby and I were exhausted today (could have something to do with the fact that he and I were both awake in the middle of the night for HOURS! caffeine from the chocolate cake?) Anyway, here is what we did this afternoon after Daddy came home:


No stamping today, because I was just TOO tired. Come back tomorrow!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

My little guy is ONE today! I cannot believe an entire year has gone by already! I do know it has been the best year of my life!

We are having a small get together this afternoon for him, with a few family and friends. My parents are here visiting!!! I'll be back tomorrow with messy cake pictures, I promise!

Here is my first try at the paper strip ornament for Limelight, that I promised to show you.

I like the snowflake ornament better, don't you? Have a wonderful day and--

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Giddy Over My Christmas in the Limelight Project!

Good morning! Mandy, the talented and super nice owner of Limelight Papercrafts, issued an assignment for Limelight's Six Chicks (design team) this month. As November's 7th Six Chick (yes, mathematically impossible :-), but what it means is Guest Designer) I am thrilled to participate! The assignment was to create a Christmas ornament and matching packaging or a matching card. I chose to do the ornament with packaging. I am GIDDY over how this project turned out!!!

I've seen lots of these paper strip ornaments lately, but in my head I decided that something needed to be INSIDE of mine. I didn't love my first try at this. It turned out okay, but I knew I could do better. I'll show you the reject tomorrow. Today, my lovely snowflake ornament is in the LIMELIGHT:

I cut Bazzill Bling Glitz and Bling Diamond into 6" by 1/2" strips. I attached them at both ends with brads. I threaded beads and pearls onto silver cord and attached it between the two brads, pulling it to the height I wanted the ornament to be. I spread the strips of paper out and around to form the ornament. Then I attached to the cord some of these amazing Christmas Magic glittered silk snowflakes from Little Yellow Bicycle. Finally, I stamped some additional snowflakes with the Christmas Magic Stamp set and dangled them from the bottom of the ornament. The snowflakes have Kaisercraft silver rhinestones in the center. I LOVE those things!!

Here is the matching packaging... this is why I am so giddy. I LOVE how this box turned out! I was originally going to do a square box, but I was fiddling around with the window sheet, and decided to try a cylinder. The difficulty was in making a top and bottom. I figured it out, though!! If you can't tell how I did it, but are interested, leave me a comment, and I will see about getting a tutorial together!!

Here is the whole set together:

The ornament is hanging from the brad on the inside of the lid. So when you take the lid off, you bring the ornament with it!! You can take it off of the lid to hang somewhere. I am thinking this would be very pretty hanging from the bottom of a light fixture or from one of those free-standing ornamanent stands, all by itself.

WOW! That was such a fun project to make. I hope you like it as much as I do!!! Now, to whom will I give this lovely creation???

Make sure you check out Mandy's ornament and the Six Chicks' ornaments too:


Have a great day, and--

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Why is today Wacky? I don't know!!! I just remember this really funny book that I LOVED as a child, called Wacky Wednesday, and I think I MUST get it for my son. (after just now searching for this book on Amazon, I have discovered that it was written by Dr. Seuss! Who knew?)

Lisa picked the challenge for our Unity Wednesday Challenge this week. She gave us this gorgeous picture as inspiration.

I don't really know why I ended up going with this red/black/gold Asian feel, when I don't see that at all when I look at these plates. That is what was stuck in my head as I was creating, though. I ended up doing lots of embossing for this card, and I was reminded why I don't emboss very often!!

The red background paper is Paper Company Starburst Translucent. I embossed the Retro Circle Boogy from Unity's Good Times kit in gold. I also spread super bronze Pearl ex Powder onto that paper, which left all those blotches you see. The butterfly is also embossed on Riding Hood Red, cut out, and only the body is glued down. The wings are folded up, for depth.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Quick Post

I will make a longer post soon, but I wanted to share a quick card for you. I made this for a gal at church who was baptized on Sunday! You can't see some of the finer details in the picture, unfortunately. I highlighted a few of the words with pink marker, and the edge of the main image is lined with dazzling diamonds glitter. I love these colors together!!!

Make sure you come back on Thursday to see my first official project as November's Limelight Papercrafts Guest Designer! I'm so excited about it! It turned out SOOOO amazing! (am I allowed to love my own work this much? :-) I hope so!)

Have a great week, and--

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November!! New Kit Available!!!

Hello, friends!!! Happy November!

Stampin' Up! has a fabulous new kit available!!!! Introducing the Country Living Holiday Collection Stamping kit!!!

Invite the warmth and coziness of the holidays into your home with Stampin’ Up!’s® Country Living Holiday Collection Stampin’ Kit. This kit has everything you need to create beautiful handcrafted ornaments. (Item #114447, $49.95)--available only while supplies last. This fantastic kit is fully of yummy supplies to help you create simple and beautiful ornaments to decorate with or give as gifts!

CLICK HERE to order this HOLIDAY COLLECTION (#114447)
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The Country Living Holiday Collection (Item #114447, $49.95) includes the following products:
  • Holiday Collection stamp set (six stamps-)
  • Four 12" x 12" sheets of die-cut chipboard
  • Eight 12" x 12" sheets of die-cut Designer Series paper (2 ea. of 4 double-sided designs)
  • Four 12" x 12" sheets of Designer Series paper (2 ea. of 2 double-sided designs)
  • Two 12" x 12" sheets of Whisper White card stock
  • 25 yds. Silver Metallic cord
  • 10 yds. 3/8" Whisper White taffeta ribbon
  • Pretties Kit brads (20)
  • Stampin' Dimensionals
  • Dazzling Diamonds Stampin' Glitter (1/2 oz.)
  • Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive
  • Riding Hood Red Classic Stampin' Spot
  • Old Olive Craft Stampin' Spot
  • Uninked Stampin' Spot
  • Whisper White Craft Ink refill
Create dazzling ornaments and memories that will last a lifetime! Go to my website or contact me to order today!