Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time to Stamp!!

I am so excited!! I made time to stamp today! It certainly helped that out of nowhere, the baby decided to take two naps today, which hasn't happened in awhile...

I used Amber's Viva La Verve sketch for the first week of February. I decided to be a rebel (ha ha!) and flip the sketch sideways. I know Father's Day is a ways off, but I think I am going to add some Mother's and Father's Day cards to my etsy shop to see if they will sell.

I did something new for me too . . . I "did" the inside of the card too. What do you think?

Here's your daily dose of baby:

Today was a rainy day, and along with two naps, he grabbed a blanket and hopped onto the couch and covered up. (He's never done that before, so I had to snap some pics!) I also caught him in a VERY rare moment--being NICE to the cat!!! I think the cat might have been more surprised than I was.

Could he be ANY cuter? (yeah, probably by tomorrow!!!)


Karen said...

Adorable!!! Your son is so cute, they grow so fast! And that cat is almost as big as your DS!!

Gretchen said...

Great card! I've started to decorate the inside of my cards too- at least it helps me use up the huge stacks of paper I have!
Love that baby too!!

zekesmom10 said...

Jess~ I'm such a dope. I laughed about what a fun card you made, cuz I thought they were googly eyes in the lower right corner. Hy.ster.ical. Then I looked at the ones in the upper left and realized it was brads backed by circles from the 1/4" punch! OY!

Love those piggy toes!

Beanhead said...

zekesmom10 isn't a dope - I thought they were googly eyes, too! Cute card, but of course I live for the dose of baby! Adorable!

Linsey said...

Ahhh, cuteness factor--extremely high!! :) Good gracious, Jess, he's a sweetpea!!! Oooh,look at that gorgeous head of hair! What an absolute dollbaby! Also really loving your cool, masculine Dad card! Awesome and inspiring work, girl! tfs! hugs