Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where is Jessica?

Where has she been all week? I know you have nothing better to do than sit around asking yourself this question about me... :-) Yes, I know you love me THAT much!! :-)

Well, I've been cuddling my sick kidlet... he has had a cold all week, which has left him grumpy and whiny and tired, which in turn has left me grumpy and whiny and tired. He has had trouble napping, which means I've had trouble stamping!!

The only stamp time I had was devoted to getting ready for my Stamp Camp this morning: Cupcakes and Cards. I have not held an event like this since before the babe was born over 15 months ago!!! It was a great success! I made yummy vanilla cupcakes and vanilla frosting FROM SCRATCH!!!! Here are two of the projects the gals made. (I gave my only version of the third project to a friend to give to her grandchild, before I got a picture of it)

For your daily dose of baby: he has decided he loves yogurt, and he would prefer to feed it to himself. Take a look at how THAT is working out for us:

Hopefully he will get healthy and start napping again, I can start stamping again! :-)


Valorie said...

Love the yogurt pictures! He is so cute!

Beanhead said...

Glad you're back - love the pics!

Gretchen said...

Glad to see you're back! Those cards are great- such cheery colors on the first one and who DOESN"T love cupcakes!