Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two Cards, ONE challenge -- hmmm.....

Okay, so yesterday I was doing double duty--two challenges per card. Today I made two cards for the same challenge, because I didn't love my first creation. Luckily, I loved my second one. I'm still trying to crank out some of Jen Tapler's challenges for her Stampin' Out! Alzheimer's Challenge. You still have time to participate! See her blog for details on how to contribute to this worthy cause and have some fun too! I did SOA#10 today, which was to use 3 different types of ribbon on a project.

As it just so happens, I was at Michael's today for the baby's nap. What? Yes, I just said for the baby's nap. Some days he doesn't like to nap at home, and when I *know* he's tired and could use the sleep, I can almost always count on him to fall asleep while I'm wheeling around the cart at a store. Well, I was getting a bit tired of Walmart Naps, so we tried Michaels today. Yahoo! It worked! Someone had so kindly left a 50% off one Martha Stewart item on the shelf for me, right by some oh so lovely ribbon. I got it. I've never wanted any of her stuff, but when I saw how lovely this ribbon was, and I was fairly certain it would match Groovy Guava, I *had* to have it. Here's the result, take 1 and take 2. What do you think?

In the first card, I used strips of the ribbon like background paper. I wasn't in love. On the second card, I used the ribbon as little tabs behind the image. I'm pleased with the result. I think I'll have to make some more guava and cocoa cards--it is such a lovely color combo!

I need to go support the Pistons (as if they can feel my support through the television....) because they are losing right now. Grrr.... I hope you have a great day!

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