Friday, August 29, 2008

Grouchy and Green

Good morning! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but it was a rough night/day. The baby was up at 11:30pm on Wednesday night, cried for an hour, we got him back to sleep, he slept for about 10 minutes, then cried for an hour, and repeated that pattern all night. I got no sleep at all. Finally, after he had breakfast, we napped together in my bed from 7:15 until 9:15. Other than another short nap later, he didn't have much sleep, and was therefore as grouchy, whiny, clingy and yucky as I've ever seen him. Come to think of it, I was pretty grouchy, whiny, clingy and yucky! So I got nothing done yesterday, no stamping, no posting, no dishes, nothing! Other than holding the baby and trying to keep him happy.

With no new stamping, I had to go back a few days and see if there was anything I hadn't posted for you. I think this one is new to you. If not, let me know. I'm trying an even smaller picture today, but I do believe if you click on it you will see it bigger. This was thrown together for a challenge with a few Unity gals who were anxiously awaiting the start of Hip Hop Thursday last week. Or maybe it was during Hip Hop itself, when there was a lull. I forget. Regardless, the technique challenge that day at SCS was to use tearing. I really, REALLY don't like tearing. I don't feel like I'm very good at it, and stuff always ends up looking, well, TORN! Messy, torn, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I forced myself to do this for the challenge, and I ended up liking it pretty well. The Kraft CS kind of looks like a paper bag, which works well with this Eco Chic kit, which is adorable, and a fabulous deal! I threaded hemp twine three times through the jumbo eyelets, and tied it inside the card. It makes it kind of bulky, but I like the look.

With the baby in a slightly better mood today, perhaps I'll get to finish the dishes (I raced through some of them before dh left for work) and stamp something. If so, I'll be back later. If not, perhaps tomorrow! Until then . . .


*Sally* said...

I empathise totally on the baby thing! I have 4 myself so have been there! Hope its better for you soon.

Great blog by the way and lovely stamping!

Sally x

Jess said...

Great card, as always Jess. Your work ROCKS!! Hope the little man and you are doing much better today!! {{HUGS}}

Beedubya said...

I hope you get some rest! I feel your pain. My youngest is 16 months and didn't start sleeping through the night until 11 months old!! I never knew I could cherish sleep so much!