Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two Posts in One Day???!!!

I must be crazy! Naaahhh, but I just snapped the cutest picture that I couldn't wait to share. I had to sneak into his room, and run the risk of waking him with the flash (I know, okay, I AM crazy!) But after you see this picture, you'll know why I had to do it.

I mean, come on!!! Look at his cute little behind up in the air! He's been asleep like that for an hour and a half now! Soooooo sweet! This next picture is him trying spaghetti for the first time tonight. He kinda sorta liked it. He's kinda sorta been refusing to eat baby food and not too interested in any kind of food at all except for dry cereal. But we got him to try a couple of noodles!

Here is a new card I stamped today, using Verve stamps for their Anni-VERVE-sary. Check out the link on the left if you want to see their super cute stamps. Julee has amazing sketches for you to try every Monday. I was doing them every week--the Mojo Monday sketches. I'll have to get back into doing them.

Okay. That's it for today. I will try to post some pics from the Irish Fest tomorrow, as well as my last couple Dirty challenges. Meanwhile, Happy Stamping!


Stampmouse said...

i love baby butt pictures. HEHE great card too

JUST JUDY and her STAMPS! said...

He's adorable - I raised an ONLY SON - wait til he's a tad older and you'll purposly take him swimming or to the park - because you have just the right stamps or stickers to make a scrapbook page...NOW THAT's CRAZY - but I did it.....! CUTE PHOTO!! (see, now you have to find sleeping stickers or stamps)

Judy :)
thanks for the comment about my "BEES"!!

Cassie_lu said...

gotta love pictures of sleeping babies.

The card is really cute too.

Anonymous said...

the baby pictures are adorable. I've taken many a picture of my sweet babies sleeping even if it meant taking a chance on waking them. I mean, whats a scrapper, I mean MOm, to do. Can't pass up a cute photo opp, lol.

The card you made is really cute too. Love the colors.

I came for a visit from SCS blog thread, thanks for sharing.


Conni Frankl said...

Wow, great card, and sleeping babies are always the cutest things!!

Jess said...

Jess, such cute pictures of the baby!!! And a great card too!

Amanda Sewell said...

Cute baby picture and I love that card -- it turned out fabulous -- I am such a sucker for pink and brown, or any light color and brown for that matter!!!